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Tips To Tow Vehicles – Read On To Know More

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Have you ever been in the awkward situation where your car broke down or, worse still, met with an accident? It is common to see most people panicking and worrying about dealing with this emergency situation. But, if you have the contact number of a trustworthy towing company, they would have the equipment and the expertise to handle this contingency. Many towing companies like http://www.geckologistics.com.au/ use the latest tow trucks and the most modern technologies like GPS apart from having insurance coverage for all their vehicles.

We have compiled this list of tips to safeguard the towing vehicle with valuable insights from drive.com.au. Once the tow truck has arrived on the scene, you can breathe a sigh of relief. But, it would be worth your while to know some tips to ensure the safety of towing vehicles. So, let’s get moving!

Ensure the towing vehicle is in good condition
Towing a vehicle can put an incredible amount of stress on the towing truck. Hence, it is crucial to make sure that the towing vehicle is in good shape. Before it is dispatched for towing duties, ensure that it is mechanically fit to do the job. Brakes, suspension, steering, tires and the cooling system ought to be checked thoroughly.

Check the permissible weight
Check the maximum weight that can be towed from the owner’s handbook given by the manufacturer. It is usually 1.5 times the curb mass of the towing vehicle, but some automobile associations suggest not towing your vehicle’s maximum permissible weight. A reserve of power is recommended so as to ensure that the engine is not running at its maximum for a long time.

Learn the tricks of the trade
Before you head out to tow a vehicle, you better get some practice. Try taking some short towing trips before you undertake a long journey. The feel of your vehicle when there is another vehicle on tow is different from normal driving. Short trips will help you understand the differences in accelerating and braking while you are towing.

Choose the best time
If it is not an emergency situation, then you should figure out the best driving time by avoiding the peak hour traffic. Choosing the right time to do this tricky job would make it that much easier.

Tools and safety equipment
Different kinds of tow bars and tow hitches are available that suits different vehicles. Make sure that you are carrying the one that would be suitable to tow the vehicle that you are planning to haul. Safety chains are another important feature and before starting make sure that it is properly secured. If you experience swaying, check the hitches and your load distribution immediately.

Fuel consumption
While towing, vehicles use up more fuel. It is imperative to make certain that you have enough fuel to cover the planned distance. Also, trying to accelerate too much as you start off will increase the fuel consumption. Allow more room while turning the corner and stopping.

With some experience, you will be able to tow with so much more ease!