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What Are The Advantages Of Background Screening?

background-screeningThe background check has become one of the important pre-employment screenings when hiring candidates. There are many candidates make false claims on the resumes or attempt to hide their past criminal activity. Being an employer, it is your responsibility to hire the right candidate for the job position.

You must conduct pre employment criminal background check for applicants so that you can avoid hiring candidates with a criminal history. Most organizations conduct background checks when hiring new recruits. It facilitates a safe working environment for your employees. The website https://www.fbi.gov/services/cjis/nics

The advantages of background check cover improving applicants and the quality of the new hire decreased violence in the workplace, lower negligent hiring ability, decrease losses from the dishonest employee, hiring the right candidate, and prevents negative publicity.

The first advantage of background screening most employers see is the rise in the quality of the applicant. Once the job applicants hear the word background check as part of the screening process, only quality applicants apply for the job opening, and this immediately increases the quality of the job applicants. Conducting a thorough employee screening process prevents job applicants who try to hide their past activities. It also improves job applications from applicants who want a job in a safe environment. It raises the new hire quality because of the improved selection process and improved applicant pool.

Employees with a criminal history are the main cause of violence in the workplace. As per the survey was done by the United States Department of Justice, around 2 million work days are lost every year because of workplace violence by victims. The lost wages cost about $55 million every year. In addition to this, when you add further cost such as legal expenses, low productivity, and decreased public image the cost of workplace violence accounts for billions every year.

Employers have the responsibility to give a safe environment to the workers, and you must verify whether a job applicant has any criminal record in the past permits an employer to decide if a candidate is suitable for the job vacancy and work environment. Being an employer, you can also determine if the job applicant makes any potential threat to employees in the organization.

Analyzing the past history is a right tool to predict the future performance of the potential employee. You must run background screening to find out job applicants prone to undesirable work behavior in future. Background screening tools like Criminal Record Checks, License Verifications, Prior Employment Verifications, and other tools can offer the problem areas.

You should not be negligent when recruiting new employees. Courts have repeatedly guided employers that it is their responsibility to give an utmost care in hiring candidates since the employees may become a threat to other employees and public.

Background check offers plenty of benefits to the employer. It decreases employee turnover since background screening helps you to hire the right person who stays longer in your company. Bad hires are expensive for your company since bad recruits leave your organization in a short time and you need to do the recruitment again and again for a single job position which increases your cost further.